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The Thriving on Overload Interactive Course gives you the tools and frameworks to help you enhance your knowledge and thrive in a world of information overload.

We’ve worked with some of the world’s top leaders in information productivity

The defining capability for success today is the ability to thrive on information, turning it into useful knowledge

The average American consumes 11 hours of media every single day. A world of exponential information means we can access any news, information, or update we could possibly want. But for most this universe of information is experienced as massive overload.

Rather than let it overwhelm us, we can choose to treat it as abundance, an incredible opportunity, giving us access to the insights we need to achieve whatever we want in our work and lives.

Our unprecedented access to unlimited information can be crippling or it can be a superpower. The choice is yours.

Thriving on Overload offers the five best ways to manage our information-drenched world”

Thriving on Overload will make you an information processing ninja”

Small Business Trends

“I don’t think I’ve found a book quite this dense with amazing resources since reading something like The 4-Hour Workweek.”

Trey Lockerbie, We Study Billionaires

The Thriving on Overload Interactive course is for anyone who wants to:

Move past overwhelm to effective personal knowledge management

Filter information easily through clarity on what matters

Adopt empowering daily information habits

Develop high-level expertise in their chosen areas

Enhance their capability for synthesis

Generate high-value knowledge and insight

This course has been especially designed for entrepreneurs, corporate executives, professionals, sophisticated investors, academics, students — anyone whose success is tied to their ability to create value with information.

Course Overview

By the end of this course you will have substantially enhanced your information skills and capabilities and developed your own personal information productivity system.

Chapter 1: WELCOME

The opening chapter of the course takes you through how you can get the most value from the program, providing insights into your journey to information mastery and how you will develop your Personal Information Plan through the interactive course. It also introduces fundamental principles for developing information capabilities such as meta-cognition.

Chapter 2: PURPOSE

You are the information you consume. Your choice of the information you take in determines whether you become who you want to be or who others want you to be. This chapter is focused on clearly understanding your purpose for engaging with information, the WHY, to shape your relationship with information, the HOW of your habits and daily practices. 

The interactive elements of the course will guide you through developing an understanding of your higher-order purpose and the achievements and impact to which you aspire. These will be applied to selecting and refining your information priorities to best support what is most important to you in your life and work.


Having established your purpose, this chapter will help you identify the different information domains of your life. Within each of these domains you will establish the core topics in that domain, so that you have a detailed understanding of your information priorities, what truly matters to you and what deserves your scarce attention. 

In particular you will consider and identify the areas of expertise that will support your life’s directions in the present and the future, and the web of topics that will enable you develop world-class expertise. You will be going through all of the domains of your life that matter to you, including your ventures, wellbeing, passions, and pinpointing the types of news that are most relevant to you.

Chapter 4: FILTERING

This chapter covers the principles and practices of effective filtering in a world of overload. The essence of information mastery lies in being able to discern the information that serves your objectives and interests, so you can readily find that and simply ignore the rest. This ability draws on your understanding of your purpose, and shapes the quality of your life in making sure you are focused on what is important.

You will learn how to apply critical concepts including a framework for information filtering, the time value of information, the meaning and value of Bayesian thinking, how to go back to source to verify and expand your knowledge, and steps to limit inbound information.

Chapter 5: SOURCES

One of the primary foundations of information mastery is intelligent selection and refinement of your sources of information. You will learn how to manage your information sources like an investment portfolio, achieving a balance that achieves the best possible outcomes for your time and effort. To manage your information portfolio effectively you will apply the concept of information portals, identifying the best balance between categories of sources such as direct to media, individuals, news aggregators, feeds, and social media. Selecting the media formats that best suit the information type and your cognitive style will optimize your results.

In the interactive section of this chapter you will select the sources that best support the areas of expertise and topics that you identified in the Purpose chapter, creating a lattice of topics and sources that will be invaluable in guiding your daily information activities. You will also identify how you can best develop and leverage your personal information networks.

Chapter 6: ATTENTION

Your most valuable resource is your attention. How you allocate your scarce attention will make the difference between overwhelm or flourishing in your life. This chapter dives into the power of attention and the six attention modes that make up your engagement with information. 

Understanding the attention modes and their role in your daily information practices will provide a powerful foundation for you to allocate your attention as effectively as possible. 

Chapter 7: PRACTICES

This chapter covers the principles and practices of superior information productivity. True information masters demonstrate a common set of practices in how they deal with information. Yet even those who excel at creating value with unlimited information can substantially improve their performance by becoming more aware of those practices and how they can be refined to maximize outcomes. 

In this chapter you will learn a wide variety of high-impact practices. In the section on Attention practices you will discover how to reduce notifications, manage expectations, and actively exercise your attention through meditation and other daily practices, and how to develop the intense focus of deep thinking and content creation. 

In the section on synthesis, arguably the most valuable capability today, you will discover a variety of techniques for enhancing your abilities. These include developing active open-minded thinking, identifying creative connections, implementing integrative thinking, building richer and more useful mental models, and fostering the states of mind for insight.

Chapter 8: SYSTEMS

The ultimate purpose of knowledge is to think and act better, creating the outcomes you desire. This chapter shows you how to build a system for information productivity that best supports you. There are many software tools available that individually assist our information productivity, yet none are sufficient in themselves. We each need to select the set of tools and approaches that best serve our purpose.

In this chapter you will be introduced to a practical framework for your information flow, to assist you in deciding how you can best capture, transfer, store, access, and organize the relevant information your encounter. You will learn about the most useful tools and techniques to support your information mastery, including implementing feed readers well, setting up alerts, and more. In particular you will discover the three main categories of note-taking tools: general, structured, and connected, so you can select and implement the optimal way of accessing and applying the high-value information you encounter through the day. 

You will also learn about the importance of concept frameworks in developing useful knowledge. Depending on your cognitive style you may find frameworks based on trees, networks, or systems, or some combination of them, to be the most effective. You will discover a variety of the visual techniques and tools that can be used to support how you develop high-value, actionable knowledge. Selecting and implementing an information system that suits your needs will transform your capacity to manage and process information. 


Thriving amid an excess of information requires optimizing how you allocate your scarce attention. This chapter guides you through developing an information productivity schedule that best supports your objectives. You will learn the principles of effective filtering, how to consider your individual chronotype, foundational protocols for scheduling your focus time and information activities, and how you can apply the principles of timeboxing to substantially enhance your information productivity. 

In the interactive section of the course you will be guided in establishing a preliminary schedule for each of the attention modes that comprise your information practices, allowing you to optimize your time and value from engaging with information.

Chapter 10: IN PRACTICE

In this final chapter you consolidate the lessons and activities through the course so you can put these into practice into your daily life, with the intent of dramatically enhancing your information productivity and advancing your life’s objectives. 

You will review and if needed revise the detailed Personal Information Plan that you have developed through the course, and establish an action plan for immediately putting this into practice in your daily work and life.  

Completing the course will vastly accelerate your journey to information mastery. Yet you will still need to implement the practices you have developed and continue to refine them as you discover what works best and your objectives and situation evolve. You will have free access to the interactive course as you continue to enhance your information capabilities, able to come back to revise and continually improve the Personal Information Plan you have created, and access the many new resources that will be added to the program in coming months and beyond.

Through the course you will be guided in creating a highly practical
Personal Information Plan that you can immediately put into practice.

What will you get

Over 70 videos

Instruction from Ross Dawson on the principles and practices of superior information productivity

Interactive exercises

Develop your purpose, priorities, sources, tools and more in online exercises

A Personal Information Plan

You will be guided through a process of creating your own plan for information mastery

Information tool selection

Frameworks, insights, and guidance on selecting and implementing the best software

Live workshop

For registrations before November 30, 2022 Live information productivity session with Ross Dawson including Q&A

Copy of Thriving on Overload

For registrations before November 30, 2022 A complimentary print copy of the book mailed to you

Brought to you by Ross Dawson

Ross Dawson is a globally recognized futurist, keynote speaker, entrepreneur and author. He has lived his life immersed in information, from helping investment bankers improve their information skills starting in the 1990s to working with business leaders in over 30 countries to make sense of the rapidly unfolding future of their industries, balanced with a year living in a Zen Center in Japan.

Ross designed this course based on 25 years of research, his own work as an acclaimed futurist, and insights from exceptional “information masters.” His mission is to help you develop the skills you need in an accelerating world, including creating your own actionable Personal Information Plan to help you flourish in your career and ventures.

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Life-time access to all updates and extensions to the course

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Access to a live information productivity workshop with Ross Dawson

Free copy of Thriving on Overload

Early access to information productivity tools made by Informivity

Return on Investment

Success depends the ability to create value from information.

Increasing your capabilities by just 5% will dramatically amplify your productivity and results.

If you follow the principles of Thriving on Overload Interactive Course we are confident you will increase your information productivity by 20%, or potentially far more.

Money Back Guarantee

If within 30 days of buying Thriving on Overload Interactive Course you do not believe you have received sufficient value for your money, we will gladly refund your fee.

Putting the book Thriving on Overload into practice

Learn the 5 powers for success in a world of information overload.

In Thriving on Overload world-leading futurist Ross Dawson shares powerful, actionable prescriptions on how to flourish in an accelerating world, showing you how to achieve superior outcomes in your career, ventures, investments, and life.

"Thriving on Overload offers the five best ways to manage our information-drenched world.""

Frequently Asked Questions


What does 'Thriving on Overload' mean?

The reality is that we experience far too much information in our work and daily lives. The phrase ‘information overload’ was coined over 50 years ago and Ross Dawson was writing about the challenges and opportunities of information overload 25 years ago. Since then we have many thousands times more information. Yet that does not necessarily mean we need be overwhelmed by it or find it a burden. If we develop the right mindset, skills, and capabilities this can be a wonderful resource for us that we can use in precisely the best way to achieve what we want in our lives and experience positive emotions through each day.

How is the course different from the book?

The book Thriving on Overload was designed to do the best job possible in helping readers to become information masters, including incorporating useful exercises. However books intended for a broad audience are limited in not being able to go into depth, and the reality is that reading books most often doesn’t lead to changed behaviors.

The course was created with the best possible balance of media formats to engage users and enable them to bring the practices into their lives. It goes into more depth into many of the topics, and includes entire new areas that were too detailed to include in the book, such as selecting and designing your information systems. Most importantly, the course is interactive throughout, taking users through the process of creating our own Personal Information Plan which will provide a foundation and practical guide for you to become an information master. 

What kinds of industries, professions, or roles is this course designed for?

This course has been especially designed for anyone whose success is tied to their ability to create value with information. This includes entrepreneurs, corporate executives, professionals, investors, academics, students, and anyone else who can be described as a ‘knowledge worker’. However since we all rely on information and keeping current to achieve our objectives, it will also prove valuable to others.

Will this course be useful to people who are already highly proficient at information productivity?

The book and the course were initially conceived and created with sophisticated professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs in mind. While they all must have solid capabilities at dealing with information to perform their work, the value for them of incrementally improving their performance in this domain is exceptional. While the course will certainly be valuable for those who are already highly proficient, those who are earlier in their journey will be able to gain at least as much benefit. Every aspect of the course is accessible to anyone at any level.

Is there any required knowledge to take the course?

There is no prerequisite knowledge for the course other than how to use a computer and smartphone.

What are the outcomes from doing the course?

The primary outcome from doing the course is your own custom-designed Personal Information Plan, which will guide you in your daily information activities to be as productive and effective as possible. This will include a clear understanding of your purpose for engaging with information, your priorities and focus topics, the sources of information you will use, the information systems that best serve you, the tools and software you use, and your chosen schedule to optimize your information productivity. It will also include your action plan and priorities for putting your plan into practice. 

In addition you will have learned about and be proficient in all of the topics and knowledge domains that underlie information mastery, with instruction and resources you can revisit as required to refresh and refine your knowledge.

How much time will it take me to do the course?

We recommend taking approximately 2 hours a week over 5 weeks to complete the course. The time taken will vary depending on the time you invest in the exercises through the course. Some of these you will want to consider over a period of time. You can augment your value from the course by reviewing the Personal Information Plan you have created at the end of the course, refining and revising it so it is as relevant and valuable for you as possible.

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